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                            Vanity Fair
States Premium & States Champion mare
She is the queen of Blackforest and the dam of
Germany’s first  filly Blackforest Vivienne -owned by Carnane Connemaras of the Holmes’ family- who has been sold back to Ireland and is doing so well in the world’s biggest show events even in the most famous Clifden show. Vanity is a true champion as she has proved her stunning quality with overall championships, championships and 1st prizes in native Connemara breed shows and  additionally  against all breeds and within performance breed shows and riding competitions as well as with overall champion- & gold medal progeny. It is this  combination of diverging championships scored by numerous different Irish and German judges that makes her that much outstanding within the champion’s league. But what is most important for us is her impeccable temperament with which she is going to be an excellent babysitter for our daughter - teaching her “pony “ things
in a most kind and friendly way with  unbelievable patience.

        Bengt         x           StPr & Elite mare Pilgaards Vogue/imp. Denmark
                                                                                                            related to:
                                         Padraic of Rosenaharley & Rosenaharley Lavelle


                      Glenormiston Annashee
                                                             Australian import
It was a real adventure for us purchasing her as she just was a couple of weeks old and born at the other end of the globe. But we were looking for a dun filly with an excellent pedigree that could widen the genetic diversity in Europe. As we came across a picture of her as a newborn -not advertised for sale- we fell in love and contacted Sue Clarke of Glenormiston stud. Happily Sue liked the idea of bringing her to Europe and agreed selling to us her first and up to now only filly out of this outstanding mating As a weanling she arrived here on June 22nd, 2005 - going to be the 1st & only progeny of Castle Baron & Domo Cavallo Praize (deceased in 2006) to represent their legacy in Europe.
Personally for me she has another deep meaning as she was born the day my father left this world proving to me that finally life will always triumph.  
                                          Castle Baron x Glenormiston Abbeylara
                                                              (Abbeyleix Owen x Castle Dame)
                                                             (Domo Cavallo Praize x Washlands Rebecca)



                  Verbandsprämienstute - Union Premium Mare
Bruntje was my first connemara mare and will for ever keep a very special place in my heart. Never in her life she has done something wrong always remembering me that it is one’s internal worth which counts mostly and should never got lost whatever will happen. She has been a true lady and her legacy will forever live on at Blackforest.
                                Rasmus x Foxborough Barberry 

Our foundation mares are carefully selected as they are the the guaranty for high quality in progeny. So we even didn’t hesitate to import a filly from the other end of the globe due to her quality and bloodline and are happy to own the FN German Champion mare at our stud. We are a small family run stud and don’t keep our mares for profit reasons. We are not having them covered on a yearly basis hence only sometimes a Blackforest pony will be available for sale.
Unsere Gründungsstuten sind sorgfältig ausgewählt, da sie die Garanten für eine qualitätsvolle Nachzucht sind. So zögerten wir nicht, selbst ein Stutfohlen vom anderen Ende des Globus zu importieren aufgrund ihrer Qualität und Blutlinie und wir sind sehr glücklich, die deutsche FN Bundessiegerstute  auf unserem Gestüt zu wissen
Wir sind ein kleines Familiengestüt und sehen in unseren Stuten keine Geldanlage. Auch werden diese nicht jedes Jahr gedeckt, so dass nur gelegentlich ein Blackforest Pony zum Kauf steht.